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abstract, floral & landscape paintings

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Painting - Small paintings / Gift ideas

Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau

7" x 27" overall framed size

original painting, framed, ready to hang,  handwritten

colours vary as each one is unique and original/handpainted and handwritten.

If you need a different colour, please email me on post@memosa.co.uk

thank you


acrylic on thick board, ink


£ 50

"Old Land of My Fathers" in Welsh, usually rendered in English as simply "Land of My Fathers". The words were written by Evan James and the tune composed by his son, James James, both residents of PontypriddGlamorgan, in January 1856.[1][2] The earliest written copy survives and is part of the collections of the National Library of Wales.[2]

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