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abstract, floral & landscape paintings

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Floral seascape

approx 28" x 20"

print for sale in Dunelm stores across the UK

retail price £15

print on canvas


£ 0

Print for sale in Dunelm stores across the UK

This is my son's girlfriend Georgia (my son's name is George and they also share the same birthday! They are now collectively known as the Geo's!)

Cost for print on canvas £15

You can purchase this print from your local Dunelm store

Although it says out of stock here, I had to write this to prevent a perspective purchasers from attempting a purchase through my website

This can only be purchased from a Dunelm store, UK only

There are 150 stores UK wide

you can use a store locator to find your nearest branch

Thank you!


SOLD - Contact Emma to get a similar feeling painting

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