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Painting - gallery / sold


36" x 24"

original painting on canvas

acrylic on canvas, varnished for protection


£ 495

Geometry. the curve formed by a straight line drawn on a plane when that plane is wrapped around a cylindrical surface of any kind, especially a right circular cylinder, as the curve of a screw. Equation: x = a sinθ, y = a cosθ, z = b θ.
I see spirals and curves everywhere in life, they are the building blocks of life...

Painted on a 36" x 24" canvas with gold, bronze and copper effect paint

*edges painted so framing not necessary but optional
*strung on the back, ready to hang,
*signed on the front
*Also signed, dated and titled on the reverse
*varnished for protection
*carefully packaged and boxed and sent to your flat in a double walled cardboard box

If you would like any more information about this or any other of my paintings, please feel free to contact me. My paintings are sent carefully packaged within 3 days of purchasing. All my paintings are sent tracked and as soon as I have the tracking number I pass it onto you.

Thank you

SOLD - Contact Emma to get a similar feeling painting

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