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The view beyond

6" x 6"

original painting on board

acrylic on canvas board, varnished for protection


£ 45

' 'The view beyond' 
Life at the moment can be full of fear, but remember we have limited time on this planet, what's your dream? Would you choose £3,000 a week for life or from tomorrow morning you wake up feeling alive, excited, energised and above all, happy! I know which scenario I would chose, what if I told you that you can chose that? Despite everything.....if you could wake up being fulfilled and content and happy, full of creativity and excitement...every single day. How many hours of life do we have on this earth? If you are 40 now and you live to 80...that's 350400 hours, then minus a third for sleep, that's 116,800 hours of life....'TAKE THE PLUNGE!'
6" x 6" on canvas board
* Does require a frame
*Build up a collection
*textured painting
*palette knife work
initialed on the front
*signed, titled and dated on the back
*varnished for protection

Emma has been a full time artist since 2003 and a lot longer before that part time, if you would like any other information, please feel free to contact her

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