Hello! Welcome to my brand new website

This is my first ever professionally made website and I’m delighted to have collaborated with my friend from school Andrea Mainwaring nee Davies who went to Art college with me, although unlike me, she carried on and completed her degree in Graphics design.

*****To celebrate my new website I am giving away an original painting AND 25% off my very first website sale, message me before purchase and I will amend the price *****

All you have to do to win is subscribe to my monthly newsletter.

10″ x 14″ on canvas board, original painting worth £85

And explosion of daisies. Are they in the air or underwater? I’ll leave that for the viewer to decide…
Acrylic on canvas board, will require framing.
14″ x 10″

Materials used:

Acrylic paint, brush, canvas, varnish , bottles

***** To win, register on my website, then when I reach 100 I will get my partner to randomly select a winner!***** This applies to people anywhere in the world, I will post free of charge.

Thank you and glad to see you as part of my new venture!


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