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The seeds of love

40" x 16"

Original painting

acrylic paint


£ 295

I was brought up in the small coastal town of New Quay, West Wales. From our house you could see the sea. Every Saturday we went down to the fish man on the pier and bought cockles for our tea, my dad would steam them and place them shells and all in a big bowl. We put vinegar on them and ate them with brown bread and butter. We also had 2 goats, Taffy and Billy buttons, although this has nothing to do with this painting! But the goats once ate my dads trousers from the washing line and I remember him chasing the goats around the garden trying to get them back!! We lived there when I was 3 until I was 8, then we moved further in land into a farm house. My love of the sea came from these and other memories. 
Painted on canvas
edges painted
lots of texture
strung, ready to hang
***Shipped to Australia and New Zealand and countries near there in a tube, all other countries, posted as it is***

SOLD - Contact Emma to get a similar feeling painting

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